Mental Health, Self-Care & Ending Stigma (Ep 09)

Juliet Kuehnle, founder and owner of Sun Counseling and Wellness and practicing therapist for over a decade, is on a mission to end the stigma around therapy and to normalize and elevate the dialogue around mental health. In this episode, Juliet talks with Laura about her new book "Who You Callin' Crazy: The Journey From Stigma to Therapy". Together, they discuss the importance of making mental health a priority in our progress toward optimal healthspan & sustainable well-being.

Juliet also hosts a podcast called, "Who You Callin' Crazy," that features practical therapy tips and conversations with interesting people. You can follow Juliet on social media @yepigototherapy for relatable, helpful, and often humorous insight. You can also access free resources and shop her therapy swag at

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